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Pledge to our Clients:

1. Information provided to clients shall be the most accurate information known to us.

2. We will not withhold any candidate information that our client would consider essential to a hiring decision.
3. Candidates will be referred only with prior authorization of the employer or where otherwise specified by our client's request and expectations.

4. Confidential information relating to our clients shall be treated in the strictest confidence.

5. Fee obligations and replacement and refund provisions, if any, shall be provided to the client prior to the formal referral of candidates or according to their policies.

6. We will not recruit any candidate from the office of a current client in which we have made a placement for a twelve-month period following that placement (or otherwise by contract).

7. We will never recruit a candidate as long as he or she remains with the firm we placed him or her with.

People Savvy

Inroads into every sector and every market.

Expert knowledge of large enterprises and boutiques.

Service to corporate, private firms and non-profits. 



We keep it simple

Recruiting is not rocket science.

Recruiting is "people science."

That means hard work and intuition. No glitz.

Just call.  Tell us what you want. We find it.

How we Work:

1. We are a contingency firm.

2. We generally "blind" submit candidates.

3. Full submissions are provided upon client request after a "blind" submission is considered.
3. Guarantees and terms are industry-specific. 

We serve:

The Fortune 1000

U.S. Government/Commissions

The AmLaw 200

Boutique Law Firms

Public Accountancy Firms

The Global 2000


Governments Globally


International Agencies/Commissions

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