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Update for 2018!!!

My motto for the year is a question: "How can I be a friend today?"


I say "friend" because friends offer advice for free; they aren't pushy; and good friends go out of their way to think of ways to help each other.  That's what I am going to strive to do even more in 2018. 


I approach what I do as simply this---giving the benefit of my experience to anyone and to as many as possible--within the bounds that I like to emphasize personal contact. Writing articles is great, and I do it, but hearing an individual's story and making a direct impact one-on-one is far more valuable an experience to me and, I like to think, for others.

Feel free to call or write:         415.738.8662

We are passionate about professional development for all our professionals.


We possess a profound understanding of the challenges facing professionals in today's markets, and exhibit a powerful sense of advocacy for candidates.  This is an advocacy expressed in powerful kinetic, written and voice presence.


The primary skill set brought to bear on a legal search is the savvy to understand, package, and express a candidate's skills, temperament, and professional aspirations.


We educate, advise, direct. We ensure candidates are placed, but more importantly, placed within an enterprise that has the expertise and culture that will bring out their best efforts.

Taranis is a professional recruiting boutique placing high-functioning professionals globally in the endeavor to find them new positions and new platforms. 


Our candidates are executives and professionals with science, tech, legal and accounting/finance backgrounds.


Absolute professionalism, efficiency, thorough market knowledge, and strong working relationships with premier firms are not the apex of the ideal recruiting practice, but rather the ground floor, upon which all quality candidates must insist.

Our name reflects our values: "Taranis" is the ancient Celtic god of thunder. We take inspiration from the quote by Frederick Douglass: "It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."

Happiness and fulfillment in the workplace are attainable if candidates are able to apply, with some guidance, strategic thinking and self-knowledge.


Most important from a candidate's perspective, we consistently apply relentless drive, analysis, and considerable human insight to help each candidate discover and hone his or her personal and career goals and to find each candidate the best possible position.


For further information on our unique and in-depth approach to uncovering the many talents of our candidates, contact us to begin the preliminary vetting process.

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