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You are already there--you just don't know it yet!

Executive Summary: I'm on the move. Look for me at a theatre near you. Soonish.

Long version:

I've been having TONS of fun by presenting my seven-part lecture series on professional development to folks at a special program set up between the City of San Francisco and the local Goodwill.

We have an ever-growing group of individuals who are interested to hear all about growing professionally 'from the ground up.' It is so motivating and encouraging to hear their stories and their new-found motivation.

Looks like we're going to be having a chance to record the sessions in a two-day weekend format and even invite the paying public for the chance to hear about how folks can revolutionize their job-search and their professional networks, and themselves as professionals to boot. That professional production may be soon finding its way across this great country and, what the heck, the world. Watch this space!

The secret revealed in today's lecture: You are ALREADY "all that and a bag of chips." The idea is to do the work to let our exo-skeleton of denial, fear and trepidation melt away, or at least open a crack.

Get yourself out there and make it happen!

On the other hand, you also need your posse. Get a coach (consider your humble servant for that). Get someone in your industry that can give you pointers. Bottom line: we are 'sharks' in the professional sense: we have to keep moving, growing, eating, adding skills, experiences and colleagues. If we try to stop, we start atrophying.

And that can get serious.

No need! You already have what it take to succeed! Now just get the right folks around you to help you let that light shine.

Go for it!

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