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It's not "life", it's a "living system"

Officially, life is "a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased, or because they never had such functions." ( 3.25.2017). Note that the distinguishing characteristic is that life has a "biological process." I think that is key to understanding, well, everything.

I've been a lawyer for 20 years, and headhunter for 11. I've known a zillion professionals, some who succeed, and some who don't. I can tell you what distinguishes the winners....they focus on "system."

I don't say "process", because that is a tad narrow. A "process" only implies the activities that make up a "system." The point is that professionals that grow and are happy in their careers are those that have figured out what makes for a sustainable system in their professional milieu. They know what they must do, what they need others to do (that covers "process"), but, more importantly, they also understand what environment they are a part of. They understand how their processes fit in to the actual world (industry) they function in. Being aware of the "system" that is your practice of law or accountancy or technology, means knowing how to learn from, interact with and influence not only those aspects of your activities that you can directly control, but those that you can peripherally influence.

Step back, take a wider look. Ask yourself:

1) What do I actually do? (What are my current processes?)

2) What are the current realities in my industry, firm, working group and family life?

3) Are my actions being effective in relation to all the spheres I interact with?

4) What is the gap between present state and a more effective state?

5) What does my environment say success is?

6) What makes me actually perceive (feel) successful in my work?

7) How can I start thinking of my work as part of a greater whole?

8) After all that, how can I begin to include all the activities necessary for me to execute to manage the entire "system" of my career role? (What should I be doing myself? What should I be delegating?)

If we can each begin to grapple with these questions, we can start putting our hands toward spinning the globe of our realities, rather than being spun. To me, that is the definition of happiness. I think it is also a practical way of looking at "control".

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