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Steady as she goes

I'm very, very lucky. The shelter-in-place has not touched anyone I love. I have fulfilling work. It's true I'm separated from my family and significant other, but we talk many, many times a day. Plus, it's a beautiful springtime here in the Bay Area--warm with cool breezes. If I didn't read the newspaper, almost nothing would be different for me that matters.

The only thing that has changed for me now is how I approach my work. Before, I had a commute, i jostled with colleagues and I had to press a shirt in the morning. Now, I wake up and roll over directly to my home office and start my day. When I want to, I can take a break and reflect, or just 'veg' out. I can work whatever hours suit me.

The situation has been going on for five weeks now (six?). I've fallen into a rhythm. And it's not bad. The big upside? My ADHD, always with me, is slowing down. I don't jump at every weird email. I don't rush into 8 projects, all on the same day. Sure, every week or so I feel a little panicky, but it subsides. In short, something new is growing's an ability to pick one or maybe a few projects in a day that need direct, steady attention, and devote quality time to them.

I feel like I'm moving from a crazed little motor boat making circles in a lake, to something a little larger, a little more steady, moving down a wide, slow river. And I'm accomplishing more, in less time, than I ever have in my career. Every day I keep on with the disciplines that keep me sane and healthy.

The new frontier will be when things begin to go back to whatever new normal we will find at the end of this disaster for our country. We'll see if I can maintain this sense of equilibrium and poise. I'm hoping that with the new skills I'm learning during this "silent Spring", that I will weather whatever new storms come up with a semblance of this equanimity and grace.

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