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Trust Your Gut--Always. Always. Always!

I remember the story about Winston Churchill's most famous commencement address. You must have hear this story.

This is long after his days as wartime prime minister. By the time of this speech, he was now revered to an almost cultlike degree.

After a lengthy and florid introduction by the University President, the venerable minister walked ponderously up to the podium. He carefully removed his hat. He slowly hooked his walking stick to the podium's side and slowly checked his watch. Then, he glared out at the audience of apple-fresh faces ready to hear one of his famously motivational (and usually fairly long) speeches. He began in a small voice: "Never give up." A long pause. Then he continued, louder, clearer: "Never give up." Then he nearly shouted "Never give up!" Then he retrieve his stick and hat and left the podium to thunderous and prolonged applause.

Of course, I entirely agree with his sentiment. Never give up! But I would give you something to do on--to add to Winston's motivational, but somewhat enigmatic injunction. Never give up . . . . what?

The way to know is to know and trust yourself. Listening to your 'gut' is a skill that must be learned. We aren't born knowing how to use it. Usually, it is an almost physical experience.

Last weekend I was at a famous guru's ashram listening to a two-day seminar on meditation. Actually, I loved it. But during the exceedingly well-crafted two-day experience, I could almost see a small white feather in my mind. In the upper-right corner of my interior gaze, I could see this small token, which I took as a subtle, gentle warning. Of what, I didn't know.

I meditated on what that could mean. Slowly, it dawned on me. A particular business enterprise I had been contemplating and seemed very attractive had some major drawbacks that I was considering overlooking for the sake of the deal and the compensation. My gut said to hold back, do nothing. I did, and it fell through--much to my relief.

Your own experience will be different. But I can tell you. Trust your gut. Trust your gut. Trust your gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an aside, there are as many brain cells in your digestive track as there are in your spinal cord (which is to say, many). So 'trust your gut' may not be as metaphorical as we may think.

Just something to meditate on. Good luck and good hunting!!!!

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